**Ugandan and Rwandan Catechists Unite in Pilgrimage to Namugongo***

A heartwarming pilgrimage took place as Ugandan and Rwandan catechists joined hands to honor their shared faith and deepen their spiritual connection. Led by Bishop Philipe Rukamba, the 96 Rwandan catechists embarked on a journey to the sacred grounds of Namugongo, accompanied by their Ugandan counterparts.

The pilgrimage held special significance as it allowed the catechists to pay homage to their patron saint, St. Charles Lwanga, who courageously stood firm in his faith and ultimately gave his life for it. St. Charles Lwanga, a beacon for catechists worldwide, continues to inspire those who follow in his footsteps.

During their visit, the catechists exchanged heartfelt gifts, including t-shirts adorned with images of St. Charles Lwanga and photographs capturing the essence of their shared devotion. These tokens of friendship served as a tangible reminder of their unity and purpose.

Bishop Philipe Rukamba, known for his unwavering commitment to fostering interfaith dialogue, emphasized the importance of such pilgrimages. He encouraged the catechists to learn from one another, drawing strength from their collective experiences and the legacy of the Ugandan Martyrs.

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