**”Rwandan Catechists Embark on Spiritual Journey to Namugongo with Bishop Rukamba Leading Praise and Prayer”**

On the auspicious second day of their pilgrimage, March 24, 2024, Rwandan catechists gathered in the serene Chapel of Foyer de Charite in Namugongo. The day commenced with a heartfelt prayer of praise, an expression of their unwavering faith and gratitude towards the Almighty.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Bishop Filipo Rukamba, the President of the Catechesis Commission of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Rwanda. His leadership and participation underscored the significance of this spiritual journey for the catechists who have traveled from Rwanda to Uganda.Bishop Rukamba, accompanying the catechists on this sacred trip, led the congregation in prayer, uplifting their spirits and reinforcing their commitment to their calling. The prayer session served as a prelude to a series of events planned for the pilgrimage, aimed at deepening the catechists’ understanding of their faith and enhancing their role in the Church.The pilgrimage to Namugongo is not just a physical journey but a profound experience that allows these guardians of faith to connect with the divine and reflect on the teachings of the Church. It is a time for renewal, inspiration, and fellowship among those who dedicate their lives to catechesis.As the catechists continue their pilgrimage, they carry with them the blessings and guidance of Bishop Rukamba, embarking on a path that will further illuminate their spiritual lives and the lives of those they teach.

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